About the company

We are the mining geotechnical engineers with extensive practical experience in mining operations at underground mines and open pits.

Our solutions to the ground control problems are based on solid engineering knowledge and are always practical.


Our office is based in Perth, the heart of Australian mining industry, but we are ready to undertake work in any part of the world. We have completed projects for the mining companies in many countries including:

  • Australia

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • China

  • Greece

  • Indonesia

  • Kazakhstan

  • Oman

  • Peru

  • Russia

  • Zambia




We provide consulting services to the mining companies in the following areas:

  • Geotechnical part of feasibility and technical studies

  • Risk assessment of geotechnical hazards (rockfalls, stope overbreak, backfill inrush)

  • Design of ground support systems for rockburst prone and squeezing ground conditions

  • Stope extraction sequence: empirical analysis and numerical modelling

  • Excavation stability analysis including horizontal and vertical development using deterministic, probabalistic and numerical tools

  • Development of geotechnical documentation (Ground Control Management Plans, critical hazard controls, safe working procedures)

  • Education of mine site personnel providing specialist courses (practical mine geomechanics and Map3D modelling)

  • Backfill systems (HF, CHF, CAF, PF and CRF)

  • Geotechnical audits




One of our specialist services is numerical modelling of underground operations using Map3D, a BEM elasto-plastic numerical code. We biuild and analyze mine models as well as provide training on stress analysis.


LVI Geotechnical is a distributor of Map3D in the CIS countries, including Russia and Kazakhstan.


Map3D is a fully integrated three-dimensional CAD, visualization and stability analysis package. Various program modules (Map3D Versions ) can be used to construct models, analyze and display stresses, strains, displacements, strength factors and probability of failure. Map3D is suitable for building and modelling rock and soil engineering design problems involving irregular 3D massive excavations and tunnels, as well as faults and other geological structures.


Please check out a basic snapshot of the program in our movie clip on the Map3D page. More information about the program you will find on www.map3d.com.